The Great Filter (Version one)

from koept

USB Flash Drive

Ten algorithmic sound programs for live software performance based on electro-funk technology and inspired by the Great Filter.

Version one was performed by Oliver Scott for Kunst Kernewek and captured onto fourteen sticks and sunk into cork. These come in a paper bag with front and back album artwork printed on till receipt inserts.

01 rare earth hypothesis.mp3
02 nwn.mp3
03 shake a stick.mp3
04 biscostate 6.mp3
05 evolu.mp3
06 klwlwg song.mp3
07 virtual intelligong.mp3
08 emulation.mp3
09 the dog lounge.mp3
10 mount.mp3
Side B.mp3

Bonus folder contains the missing Grading by Medium Dave films banned from youtube:
not sure.mp4

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